“Beguiling and spectacular”
The Quietus

Terry Bickers discography

Below is a selection of albums featuring Terry’s musicianship, writing and production work since 2000. For earlier work including singles and EPs please see discogs.com, including Terry’s first band Colenso Parade and his 1990s collaboration project Cradle.

Musical career

Inspired by guitarists who used sound effects, Terry began with Indie band Colenso Parade in the mid-80s and developed his craft with The House Of Love and Levitation, winning much critical acclaim for recordings and live performances. Terry’s most recent musical collaboration was with Pete Fij, formerly of ex-Creation records act Adorable, releasing two well received crowdfunded albums.

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Credit: Tim Driver

Credit: Tim Driver

Sessions & production

Terry is an experienced session musician and is available for work in this area. He has co-produced several albums and EPs for other artists and will consider offers of production work. Generally sessions are done in person but proxy sessions can also be arranged.

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