“Shintaido is the light in the shade and the sun in the shadow”
Hiroyuki Aoki (founder of Shintaido)

Personal development

One of Terry’s main interests away from music is Shintaido, a dynamic moving meditation from Japan. Terry suggests that practicing Shintaido can be beneficial for a musician’s frenetic lifestyle and goes on to say that as well as the physical heath benefits, Shintaido can also help an individual communicate more effectively with others and assist in building focus and determination.

Sessions & production

Terry is an experienced session musician and is available for work in this area. He has co-produced several albums and EPs for other artists and will consider offers of production work. Generally sessions are done in person but proxy sessions can also be arranged.

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Credit: Tim Driver

Credit: Tim Driver


Terry has been teaching music since 2001 both privately and in further education. Drawing on many years of experience he now coaches musicians and songwriters of varying ages and experience in the areas of live performance, instrument tuition and composition.

Guitar/bass tuition